How It Works

Getting your paper professionally edited with WriteWell Bros. is easy.

What sets WriteWell Bros. apart?

Easy Uploads

Our uploading process is easy. Just fill out your information, upload your document, and checkout. Follow the five simple steps in the next tab and send your paper for us to review.

Simple Options

Our editing packages are straightforward. How big is your document? Select the appropriate word count. How soon do you need it back? We offer standard, discount, and rush returns for anything under 12,500 words.

Rich Feedback

Catching typos and punctuation is good, but WriteWell Bros. offers a more personalized solution. When we return your paper to you, you will get a digital copy of paper with our suggestions and edits, along with links to useful resources. We also include a personalized video which summarizes our overall thoughts on your paper and provides any additional insights.


 Follow the directions below and let WriteWell Bros. do the rest.

Step 1: Start Now

To get started, click the “Start Now” button on the homepage.

Home Page

The “Start Now” button can also be found on the right sidebar of most pages.

Step 2: Select Your Service

Browse the services we provide and determine which one meets your needs. We have multiple options for both word count and turnaround time. Not sure how long your document is? There is a word counter feature at the bottom of this page.

WWB Pricing

Step 3: Upload Your Document

On the Upload page, follow the instructions to upload your document, using the uploader provided.

New Upload 1

Fill out your personal information so we can contact you when we finish our edits.

Hit “Send & Upload” to send us your document. You should receive a success message like the one below (with a green check mark). Click “Continue” to proceed with your order.

Note: you must complete the ordering process for your paper to be edited. Files uploaded without accompanying payment will not be reviewed.

Step 4: Choose Your Options

Using the dropdown menus, confirm your word count and select your desired return time.

WWB Select Options

Each option will display its price. When you have selected your desired options, click “Continue.”

WWB Select Options

You can then view your cart to confirm you have selected the right options. If you order appears correctly, click “Proceed to Checkout.”

WWB Cart

Step 5: Checkout

In the Checkout window, provide your payment information. If you are a returning customer, you can access your account here. If you have a coupon code, you can enter it now.

WWB Checkout

At the bottom of the page, review your order and confirm all of your details are correct. If you are ready to complete your order, click “Proceed to PayPal.” You do not need a PayPal account to continue. We take all credit or debit cards.

WWB Checkout

We will let you know when your edits are ready.

Your Email

Based on the turnaround time you have selected, you will receive an email when your edits are ready.


Your Document

The email will include a link to your edited paper in Google Docs. From there you can review our edits and suggestions. When you are happy with your document, you can download it from Google Docs. 

Your Document

Your Video

We will also provide you with a individualized video which features our overall thoughts on the paper, including areas of concern and suggestions for the future. 

Your Video

Feedback videos will be available at the provided link for 90 days after the email is sent. 

Note: the videos provided are unlisted, meaning that they cannot be searched for or viewed by the public. The videos can only be used by using the link. Therefore, we suggest you do not share the link, or others may be able to view your video.

If you have any questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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