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    Hello. I need help with when to proper use the –

    I do not understand some times I see one or two or spaces between.


    Please help! Thanks to you!

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    Hello! Dashes, including ” – ” and ” can be confusing. For a full explanation of the different kind of dashes, check out my tutorial here.

    If you have seen ” – – ” that is incorrect. What this usually means is a “” called an em dash. In many writing programs, two hyphens ( – – ) will automatically change into an em dash (). However, not all programs will do this, so many people writing quickly will just use ” – – ” even though it does not change. If you see two dashes like this, treat it like an em dash and you should be fine. Try to avoid ” – – ” in your own work, though!

    I hope that was helpful. If anything else in unclear or if you have other questions, just let me know!


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